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THEIR FIRST TIME SLEDDING! // making a gingerbread house & outdoor winter fun

THEIR FIRST TIME SLEDDING!  //  making a gingerbread house & outdoor winter fun

Helicopter Parents: Do They Save Teens or Cause Them to Crash?

The Helicopter Parenting style is one which can leave parents with more work and can result in teens who are not disciplined and responsible. Read below for more information and for tips on what IS effective with teenagers.

Growing Up, Letting Go

We’ve all felt the sting of pain when allowing them to grow and finding ourselves needing to let go. How do our children experience this and at what tender age? One case of letting go together, learning and both becoming stronger.

Parents Who Care Too Much

Meet the Petersons: Ahh the poor Petersons. They have two children, Skeeter, whom you may remember from some of my previous cautionary tales and Helveena, a young woman who excels at work, excels at friends and never met a french fry she didn’t like. Skeeter, on the other hand, sees feeding as something that needs to be done only when it needs to be done, having his mother’s proclivity for slimness.

10 Great Tips For A Healthy Night’s Sleep For Teens

A lot of kids seem to be experiencing a serious lack of sleep these days, so I thought it might be a good time to share some tried and true tips for catching z’s that work for my clients. Warning! Do not try putting teens to sleep by telling them what it was like to be a teen when you were their age (it probably works but it’s just cruel).

Child Beauty Pageants? Just Plain Ugly!

I admit to enjoying (?) the odd episode of “Toddlers and Tiara’s.” It was fascinating and despite the fact it made me uncomfortable and occasionally disturbed, I couldn’t look away!

Modern Parents Choosing to Homeschool

Why would you choose to homeschool? What was once a choice full of judgement and stereotypes is now something I find strangely appealing. Read about some reasons why homeschooling may work for you and your family!

Commercial Free Kids – Why It’s Important to Find a Balance

Does commercialism influence our children? We have to battle against commercialism if we truly believe that WE should be the one’s raising our children and NOT the corporations who drive popular culture. We also need to learn how to recognize that what seems harmless on the surface may be deceptively harmful long term.

Raising a Spirited Child – The Challenges

What is wrong with my child? What do we do when our children are just, different? I detail the challenges of raising a spirited child and how I found peace with my son’s uniqueness. I discovered that I could help his behavior without trying to change who he was realising there was nothing actually wrong with my son!

Fight! Fight! 7 Practices to Keep Peace in Your Home

I never knew how well girls fought until I had two daughters. They wrestle and tackle like the guys on WWF.

The War Within

As parents, many of us live in our own private war-zone. If we have more than one child, it’s guaranteed, they fight in some way. As we provide limits for them, we enable them to grow rather than fight.

Generous Communication Helps You Connect Better

Communication can easily become a one-way street. As parents, we give monologues and move on with our lives. But will the monologue really grow our kids? If we long to connect with them, we need to dig deeper and discover how to truly connect.

Protect Your Child From Dog Attack Incidents

Be proactive in protecting your child from any and all potential harm including the attacks of dogs large or small. Every year in the United States, millions of children are bitten by dogs.

How to Start Potty Training Your Child

When to start potty training and how to start potting training. Six simple steps that will have you potty training without really potty training.

10 FUN Things to Do With The Kids on Spring Break

Spring Break is here and the kids are off. Many parents begin to panic at how they will fill their child’s time. So, they source out a bunch of outings they can take their kids on. Ah… Now the only down time they’ll have to manage is from dinner till bedtime. “Keep them busy!” is everyone’s motto.

Separation Anxiety – Letting Go on His First Day at School

Separation anxiety between child and parent can be quite devastating for both. It’s up to the parents to try and find different ways to help the child understand you’ll be back for them. You are their world to them, so it’s important to let them understand you’ll always be there for them waiting. There’s nothing more precious than the bond a parent and child has. The moment this bond is disrupted, it’s normal to go through separation tension. It’s not only hard on the child, but also to the parents. The tears that you see in those beautiful sad eyes is enough to break your heart. Be strong for them by not letting them see you upset. Smile, a loving smile that will reassure them you’re not leaving. It’s normal for the parents to struggle with letting go on their child’s first day at school. The important thing is not to let them see you upset or cry. Time can only heel these separation wounds. You and your child must learn to go through the different steps before actually accepting.

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