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Positive Child Discipline

Positive Child Discipline has become a very popular technique of raising children in the past decade. Parents are straying from verbal discipline, harsh punishments, and hopefully physical abuse.

Understanding Your Parenting Style Can Help Produce Healthier Kids

Determining who falls under certain categories when it comes to parenting styles has been an ongoing debate in psychology for decades. If I were to take a survey and ask what kind of parenting styles you think best describes your personal child rearing I would guess I would have as many answers as I do participants.

The Roots For Your Child’s Education Starts at Home

You are your child’s first and most important instructor. Not only are you your child’s provider, but you are also their first teacher and you play a very important role in your their educational life preceding the start of their formal school years. Teaching your little preschooler may seem like a daunting task at first but with patience and a little research, you will find the time you spend with him or her rewarding.

An Important Parenting Skill is Patience

Being a parent requires several skills. Among these, perhaps the most important parenting skill is patience. It may also be the most difficult to practice. However, in order to be the best parent that you can be to your children, you would benefit from learning to control yourself. Don’t let them get to you!

Are Peer Group and Friends One of the Major Causes of Teenager Problems?

Teenager problems are one of the major sources of stress for parents. Perhaps one of the major teenager problems that cause a lot of stress for parents is teenage peer pressure.

How Do You Recognize Signs of an Imminent Teenage Pregnancy Problem?

Unsafe sex and teenage pregnancy problem for teenage girls is not an uncommon problem faced by parents – leading to substantial stress for the teenager and the whole family. Adolescent sex is perhaps the most common teenager problem that parents face, as there are no societal pressures against experiencing sex as there were in older days.

There is No Such Thing As a Coincidence and You Should Teach Your Children That Concept

That title is a huge statement in this day and age. Most people have lost faith in God, or were never introduced to the religious/spiritual world.

Parenting is a Journey? I Think I Need Directions!

Parenting is a journey and the journey begins with the birth of a child and continues until they leave home at 18 to begin their solo journey in the world. And every journey requires a ROADMAP. The journey of parenting is no different because, without a roadmap, it is easy to get lost in a cul-de-sac of confusion, frustration and disappointment.

8 Critical Safety Steps to Hiring a Nanny in Your Home

You may feel silly having a candidate fill out an application to work in your home, but you would be wrong to let that stop you. You can search on the internet to find a sample application that includes the candidate’s name, address, phone number and a chronological job and educational history.

Parenting Young Children – Change Your Ways and Change Their Behavior

If you think that discipline alone will change your child’s behavior you are wrong. The behavior of most children is directly modeled after their parents’ behavior. Recognizing that is the first step to changing the way you parent your young children.

Obtain Knowledge For Children From Everyday Events

Knowledge is something, once you have achieved it, that cannot be taken away from you. Starting children out as early as possible will help them for the rest of their lives. I sit with my grandchildren (now that I have patience I did not have with my children) and we go through puzzles, books, magazines and toys repeating colors, words and pictures.

Tips to Creating More Positive Parenting Habits

Learning to create more positive parenting habits will boost your confidence. It will build better communication and stronger relationships with your family.

How to Recognise Teenage Behaviour Problems

Your child has just entered the magical teens and your relationship has changed beyond recognition. You suddenly find your child getting moody, irritable, and they have stopped coming to you for advice. You feel they have started keeping secrets from you and you are no longer their best friend. These are some of the symptoms indicating the possible onset of teenage behaviour problems with your child.

Parenting For the College Years – 3 Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Student Loans

If you are a parent and intend on putting your children into college, you owe it to yourself to protect your child from the ravages of student loan debt and prepare them with strategies to avoid it. Here are some tips to help you along.

The One Parenting Mistake We All Do

Sometimes it is not in our intention, but we parents do humiliate our children. Humiliating can happen both physically and verbally. Think carefully, have you ever humiliated your children trying to correct their misbehavior?

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