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Choosing a Pediatrician For Your Child – 7 Tips to Find the Best One

Choosing your child’s pediatrician is an important decision. Check out these 7 tips to help you choose the best one.

Nurturing Your Child’s Self Esteem

You must know that a child’s self-esteem is their mental foundation. In general, children who are self-assured often end up as confident, secure, happy, well-adjusted and successful people.

5 Top Tips For Your Crying Toddler That Work

Is your crying toddler keeping you up during night and day? We know that children cry, whether it’s because they are not getting their way, they feel tired, they are hungry or when they want attention.

Children – The Best Gift

Children are the best gift parents can have during their lifetime. As parents, you start thinking, planning and worrying about your child even when he/she is in the womb. That is the love of parents, a strong bond between the children and their mom and dad.

Establishing a Routine to Get Your Child to Study

At times, it may seem like homework and studies are the last thing on our child’s mind. Unfortunately, this can reflect on their grades and overall performance in school. Your child may end up confused and frustrated when it comes to staying on top of things with assignments, project deadlines, and exams.

Coach Kids to Manage Sibling Conflict

What do parents do when siblings argue? Do they sit by and watch it happen? Or, do they jump in and tell the kids to cut it out? I’m going to present how to coach your kids from the sidelines when the sibling squabbles could get them thrown out of the game.

Watching Over Your Sick Kid

As parents, we’ve all had days when we had to stay home from work, all because we need to watch over our kids who are too sick to go to school. We willingly adjust our schedule to theirs, but of course we can’t help but wonder where they have caught that bug. The first thing that comes to mind is school.

Teenagers and Peer Pressure

Parents of teenagers soon realize that they can feel desperately outmatched by the power that peers seem to gain over a child. Children feel peer pressure and other influence at early ages.

Child’s Play – Are You Stifling Your Child’s Creativity With Branded Toys?

This article discusses how branding can impact your child’s creative thinking. Why is creative play important to developing the skills needed to succeed in life?

Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Children Online

Are your kids always on the computer? Do you have any idea what they are doing or if they’re following your rules? Here are three tips to keep your kids safe while surfing the net.

ADHD Resources – The Smart Parent’s Guide to Getting Help For Your Child

If you’re looking for ADHD resources, there are plenty of trusted information sources online. In this article, you’ll learn about how to find information when you need it, so you can get your child the best help available.

Learning to Save Money For Children

Children must first learn the function of money before learning to spend and save money. Children can understand the simple concept of how money works when they are as young as 3. More often than not, a child sees a mother pays money and get something in return at a shop.

You Don’t Have Active Kids? All Kids Are Active!

You say you don’t have active kids? In fact all kids are active by nature. We just teach them to sit still. Find out how to bring out the active in your kids and the active parent in you as well…

Uplifting Your Child’s Self Esteem

Your child’s self esteem is their psychological foundation. A self-assured child often displays a confident, secure, happy, and well-adjusted disposition. More often than not, children with high self esteem manage their problems better.

How To Stop Bed Wetting In Teenagers

Bed wetting has two words combined in it: bed plus wetting. This means that there is an emphasis begging for attention. In ideal situation, bed serves the purpose of resting while observing siesta or sleeping when night comes. It is expected that infants would urinate on bed due to their inability to control the urinary valves.

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