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Why Do We Let Our Daughters Dress Like That?

Promiscuity has hit new heights and it includes preteens, teens, as well as college and young adults. It is obviously due in most part to the constant stream of semi-pornography from about every media source. So it should be apparent that it’s past time to take notice and begin making serious changes in the direction we personally may be going-much less in the slimy pit that we’re allowing our children to slide into?

Using Wisdom to Correct Child Behavior

Dealing with inappropriate child behavior can really put a major strain on parents. Read this article to understand how you can handle child behavior problems and instill positive discipline in children.

A Tricky Treat For Halloween

What to do when you don’t want your child to eat those unhealthy trick or treat sweets, or sweets given by well-meaning friends, but you still want them to have a life? Discover this delightful and easy to do trick that will work for all young children. All you need is to be a little prepared, and your young child need never eat an unhealthy “treat” ever again.

How to Take Care of Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities need special care. Most of the time, parents face difficult choices on how to take care of them. Often, they search for someone who can help them meet their child’s needs.

Temper Tantrums in 8 Year Olds? Find Out the Best Solution

At some point in parenting, we all have come to experienced temper tantrums in our children especially during the age of two years old. Because this is the most common age that we are most often aware of, parents do not anticipate tantrums happening in 8 year olds kids. Normally tantrums does decrease quite a bit as a child matures from being a toddler to becoming young children.

Parent Challenge

Raw food diet is extremely popular. Thousands of people search daily for raw food diet or raw food diet recipes on internet. But is it save to eat raw food? The Raw food diet was a trend in Hollywood but now worldwide.

Want Parenting Satisfaction? Don’t Worry About What Others Think!

Sounds good, but it sure didn’t work for me while my family visited over the holidays and my three-year-old ultra-hyper son was still wearing pull-ups. And those annoying “Have you tried…?” comments really got to me.

One Way to Improve Your Child’s Attention

Children who can’t pay attention can’t learn – think about kids with ADD – but there are many ways you can help your child develop this vital learning skill. Here is one of them. First, a story; My friend brought her two year-old round at the weekend and told me that she had been having problems with him whenever she picked him up from daycare.

What Pavlov’s Dog Teaches Us About Temper Tantrums

The story of Pavlov’s dog can explain why giving in to a temper tantrum on occasion can have a more detrimental effect than giving in on a regular basis. Resisting the urge to give a child a candy bar when they are screaming at the top of their lungs can be very difficult for a parent or other care provider who just wants the cold stares from strangers to stop, but remembering the scientific evidence may help.

Choosing the Best Youth Sports Program for Your Child

Ideally your child plays for a coach who is an excellent instructor-one who recognizes teaching opportunities and communicates lessons in a positive, uplifting manner. But in addition to a good coach, participating in the right youth sports programs is essential to your child’s enjoyment of sports. Choose the wrong program or league, and you risk damaging your child’s desire to play sports…

Selecting Age Appropriate Educational Toys

Educational toys can be a great hit, but you do have to make sure you select them based on age. Keep in mind that some children are behind their age group while others are advanced. You want to make sure what you offer them will be fun, help them to learn, and that they won’t be overwhelmed by it. The toys can be too easy either though or the learning won’t be there.

High Self Esteem Kids

One of the most important things in any child’s development is having a feeling of Self-esteem in children or self-value. It is crucial in helping develop the right outlook on life and in helping children to react to whatever life throws at them..

Tips for Helping Your Child With Homework

All parents want to see their children succeed in school, and studies have shown that kids whose parents are more involved in their educations are more likely to do well. Thus, helping your child with his or her homework should be a no-brainer, but it is not always so simple.

What the Year Might Hold For Our Young People

Each New Year everyone comes up with resolutions and predictions for the upcoming year. I decided this year I would use polling data from a book by Mark J. Penn were he looked at 82 groups that are starting to exert an influence on our society, basically groups with at least one percent of the population that might be increasing to become more influential. I used the trends relating to young people from the book.

The Seven Blunders Of the World, and How We Are Teaching Them to Our Children

Can you explain what we are teaching our children today? The Seven Blunders of the World was a list attributed by Mahatma Gandhi. It is easily understood when applied to our society around us, but it also can give us some insights into what teens who are struggling are learning from parents, schools and other adults.

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