Kitchen Table STEAM

Tools for the Trade: Nap time vs. Quiet time

Tools for the Trade: Nap time vs. Quiet time

Toys Can Have Many Uses – And Benefits!

It’s safe to say that toys have many uses. Educational, entertaining, developmentally challenging…these are all qualities that parents look for when they are choosing something for their little ones to play with. It’s the unspoken quality however, the one most parents won’t admit, that truly seals that deal when it comes to purchasing. It’s the time consumption quality. Some toys will enhance a child’s hand eye co-ordination or improve her vocabulary but in all seriousness…will it allow her dad and mom to have a few moments to have an adult conversation?

Beyond Biofeedback – Therapeutic Communication With Children

Children learn who they are in the world via an organic form of biofeedback. Everything we say and do communicates and that communication is received by them not only cognitively but, perhaps more importantly, physically on a genetic level.

Motivate Children to Perform Well – Both at School and at Home

While some children can be hyperactive, there may be others, who may seem to be lethargic. Depending upon the nature of your child, you will be required to adopt different methods to motivate your child to perform well in school as well as at home.

Child Custody Cases During Separation

As soon as a mother or father moves out of the house, or they separate, they need to start planning for their child custody case. Even if the end result of the separation is unclear (the couple may or may not be planning on a divorce) the parents still need to address the issues of child custody. And, if there is a chance that the separation will be permanent, the parents need to have their custody case started to make sure things work out for their child.

Raising a Jock

Playing football today is a very serious and often expensive business to thousands of young athletes. Raising a jock right now means a personal profile with website; following coaches on Twitter, verified game & combine stats and a pro-quality highlight video looked at by hundreds of college coaches. According to one emmy-award winning writer and jock parent, teen dreams don’t come cheap!

Parenting Tips – How to Teach Your Children Without Using Punishment

Punishment causes pain. We learn best when we are comfortable. So why do some parents punish their children when their children make mistakes?

ABCD of Child Care

Caring for your child or children is your first priority if you are a full-time homemaker with children. Attending to children, especially infants, is most important. A mother has to drop whatever she is engaged in to attend to a crying baby immediately, as a consequence of which everything else other than the baby’s needs become second priority for her

A Homemaker’s Social Life

It is a common belief among people that the only justifiable way of employment for a women is to work outside of her home. No matter how hard a woman works for her home and family, if she doesn’t earn a paycheck it doesn’t count. You will find that wage earners often believe that a homemaker does nothing with their free time and therefore has lots of time available for the needs of the wage earner, such as running for errands.

3 Bad Habits to Break Now – Advice on Getting a Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Need advice on getting a baby to sleep through the night? Do you commit any of these 3 bad habits?

The Secret to School Success

To ensure school success, parents must support their children, respect them, and accept them for who they are. These three factors are the building blocks to positive self-esteem, which is of the highest importance to insure school success.

Educational Toys – Will They Make My Kids Smarter?

What are educational toys? Will these smart toys help children in school? Should parents buy them for their kids? Discover how to evaluate educational toys and what to get.

Classic Toys That Enhance Learning

There are certain timeless toys that have proven their worth over decades and evidently offered best imaginary and skill building play. Let’s have a look at some of these classic toys that have always enhanced and assisted the learning process in children.

How Communication and Attention Can Treat Teenager Problems

When one is going through adolescence, there are a lot of life changes that can cause teenager problems. It is very important for parents to comprehend all of the different factors which cause a teenager to feel as if they are under pressure. In doing so, the parents will be able to reach the inner child of the teen in development in addressing his/her problems.

Remembering My Mother

Remembering my mother, and the special times we had together. She was a very special lady with a very special touch. She had a smile that was brighter than the sunshine. A smile that always said I love you.

Hope For Nevaeh

What is hope one might ask? Well hope is what I have for Nevaeh. I want her to know just how much I love her, and care. She is only 3 years old, and is the reason why I work so hard. She should always know just how much joy she brings into my life, and without her in my life it just would not be the same joy. Just to see a loving, smiling face every morning and to hear those words (good morning mama). It is just a blessing to have been blessed with the little angel. So you should understand why I have so much hope for Nevaeh.