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Tools for the Trade: Toilet Training Tips

Tools for the Trade: Toilet Training Tips

Defiant Teens – How it Happens & How to Cope

Dealing with defiant teens isn’t easy-in fact it’s extraordinarily frustrating and difficult. Now that you’re having to do so, although you half expected it, you wonder what happened and how you’re going to get through it. As children grow up, one of their developmental tasks is to distance themselves from their parents, as they strive for independence, learn how to make their own decisions and think for themselves, and test the boundaries.

The Defiant Child – How Do You Deal With Him?

It isn’t quick or easy, learning how to cope with and help the defiant child. It isn’t even very satisfying, at least at first. Trying to understand how and why your respectful, cooperative child became the angry, disrespectful teen you’re now having to cope with, and trying to get the “good child” back, is difficult in the extreme.

Child Behaviour Problems & Effective Treatment Options

Child behaviour can be a tricky thing. Parents can tell themselves that defiant or inappropriate behavior is just a phase that their child is going through, but often, it gets worse with time. What can you do about these problems? How can you restore a sense of peace and order to your home without going off the deep end or resorting to drastic measures?

Learning to Solve Your Child Behavior Problems

Child behavior problems aren’t as uncommon as you might think, nor are they always a result of a troubled or broken home. Behavior problems can be anything from obvious attention-grabbing stunts and tactics, to emotional withdrawal from the family. Child behavior problems don’t all come about as a result of unhealthy parenting practices.

Mother to Son – Would You Kill Your Own Child?

The relationship between parents and their children can be delicate. No matter what communication is imperative in any parent child relationship. On occasion our children may confess to us terrible things and how we respond to those revelations can be the difference between life and death.

Have Faith in Your Children

I constantly preach consistency when raising children, from the time your kids are very little. Though each child has her own personality and a sense of her own beliefs, she will be molded by the lessons you teach her. If you consistently follow through, and demonstrate your beliefs through your own actions, your children will incorporate these values into their own personalities.

22 Fun – Filled Reading Games

Help your child become a proficient reader without tears! Use these tips to infuse fun elements into reading time.

Teaching Children More Than Just Dollars and Cents

When you think about teaching young folks about money what comes to mind? When to give them an allowance? Teach them to save? How about the dollar value of what they desire?

Limit Setting by Effective Commands – A Parenting Skill to Curb Child Misbehavior

Are you having problem in curbing child misbehavior? You should be aware that successful limit setting for children requires effective command. You would find some useful parenting tips for limit setting in this article.

Making Your Kitchen Safer For Your Kids

As is always true with children, the best insurance for their safety is a parent’s watchful eyes. Nonetheless, the kitchen requires some special attention to put hazards out of sight and out of reach.

Sources of Help For Parents

Parenting is a difficult job and parents need all the help they can get. Children do not come with instruction manuals. Here are a few sources of help that parents can go to for information on how to be better parents.

Are the Name Brand Clothes Your Kids Want Breaking Your Budget

Many parents these days know what it is like when their kids want expensive brand name clothes that they just can not afford to buy them.

The Importance of Reading a Fairy Tale For Children

The presence of fairy tales can be the great interesting thing for many children out there. In this case, there will be many benefits of reading those tales for your children. Perhaps, you still do not understand about the reasons why you should do it and how it will bring such significant effects to your children. Do not worry, since the following explanation will let you to know more about this idea.

Are You Putting Everyone Else’s Needs Before Your Own?

The message this time of year is “Joy!” and “Make Merry!” But is this really what you’re feeling as you haul yourself out of bed in the morning, get your children to school, rush through your day and arrive home to make sure homework is done and your children are in bed on time?

To Be Or to Do? That’s the Question – A Case for Parenting – What’s on the Inside of a Child?

The November 30, 2009 Time Article (The Case Against Over-Parenting) clearly outlined how parents involve their children in far too many activities. But the article did not address what is the most important parenting activity: focusing on what’s inside a child, developing the child’s unique personality. Read about some exciting parenting discoveries Gary M Unruh MSW LCSW has made based upon his over forty years of being a child mental health counselor.