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Trainer Cup for Babies/ Toddlers | 360 degree Trainer Cup

Trainer Cup for Babies/ Toddlers | 360 degree Trainer Cup

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast – For Your Child

We adults may feel we have to go go go, but it is not helpful to rush or hurry a child constantly. Rushing goes against the child’s nature to calmly explore, examine, and think about things and experiences. Forcing a child to “hurry up” all of the time can interrupt his or her thought processes and language learning. You want your child to be able to concentrate on something and to want to complete things. Life goes too fast as it is. Try hard not to hurry your young child. Let him or her savor experiences to learn better.

Emotional and Psychological Costs of Extreme Parenting

Amy Chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and its’ published online excerpt have created numerous discussions, debates and strong reactions all around. Many of the responses come from Asian Americans who voiced stories of themselves or others, whom under the strict and harsh parenting style have developed emotional or psychological difficulties as adults, many struggle with low self esteem, anxiety or depression, and some resorting to suicides.

Determining the Child Custody Rights of Each Parent

When parents decide to get a divorce, the rights and interests of the children are often one of the most highly contested issues. Each parent may have different ideas as to which type of child custody arrangement is fair. Often, one parent is awarded physical custody of the children and the other parent is awarded visitation rights. However, sometimes these arrangements, dictated by a court decision, are unfair to one parent who wants or needs a different type of child custody situation.

How, Rather Than What, Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Asking kids what they want to be when they grow up is old fashioned and silly. The question should not be asked. Kids have no idea what they want to be-they parrot answers they think adults want to hear. But, I do have a suggestion for a similar but what seems a more functional question to put to kids. One that will do them some good to think about.

7 Action-Ideas To Get Help For Children With ADHD

It can be difficult finding help for children with ADHD. There is so much information available that it’s hard to get through it all. Here are some helpful action ideas for parenting ADHD kids. These are things that I have found work for my son and I that allow us to function through the days while being able to have a connection based on love, trust and respect.

Troubled Teenagers – Do You Want To Quit?

Troubled teenagers need help maneuvering the passage from childhood into adulthood. Consider giving up changing them and rely instead upon this proven method of leadership development that’s easier, too.

Love Yourself, Love Your Children!

Is it possible to love your children without loving yourself? Or can you love yourself without loving your children. I don’t think so.

Parenting Mental Muscle – Top 10 Ways to Use It or Lose It!

Mental Muscle. How’s yours? Feeling a little flabby? Looking for ways to beef it up? Here are the top 10 ways I suggest working out your mental muscle, so when your kids need you – you are strong enough to parent from your best.

4 Other Common Home Treatments for Your Baby – Part 2

Hello and welcome back. In part one of this series, you discovered 4 common home treatments which you can use to treat your baby’s illness. In this part (part 2), you will be introduced to 4 other common home remedies and as usual ensure that you do your due diligence by consulting your child’s physician or health care provider before administering any of the home treatment below. Okay, let’s continue…

Parenting ADHD Children – A Must Read

Everywhere I go these days it seems I hear somebody talking about ADHD. Children are being diagnosed and parents are at their wits-end wondering what to do. Thinking that they aren’t parenting properly. If I just try harder, more discipline, more love, more…something – I can make it go away, right? WRONG!

How to Be a Good Mom When You Are Raising Your Child by Yourself

It can be hard being a single mom and trying to provide the best life for your children. You may feel that you just don’t have enough time or money to be the mom you want to be. Find out how to do the little things that matter most!

Babysitter Duties and Babysitting Basics: An Overview

Sometimes, parents have to go out without the kids because of some unavoidable circumstances. In such a scenario, finding a babysitter in particular can be a terrifying prospect. There are online babysitting agencies that provide childcare services in London.

Most Parents Make These 2 Mistakes With Their Preschoolers – Here’s How to Avoid Them – Part 2

OK, in part 1 of this series I mentioned that preschoolers had a knack for pushing buttons which send parents over the edge. I also mentioned that you are not alone in your “frustration” and agony over your seeming lack of control where your preschooler is concerned.

Being the Perfect Parent

Trying to be the perfect parent is not a realistic goal, nor is expecting your children to be perfect. This the best advice I ever received. Children don’t need perfect parents only unconditional love.

Most Parents Make This Mistake With Their Preschoolers – Here’s How to Avoid It – Part 1

On a good day your preschooler seems to know which of your buttons to push – especially those buttons that are colored “red” – you know, those buttons that send you tethering over the edge right? Did you notice that the above paragraph actually started with these words: “on a good day?” Ha!

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