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Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas for Kids

What Lessons Are You Teaching Kids About Money?

Did you ever hear that Paul Simon song that talks about remembering all the “garbage” he was taught back in his school days, and how he was surprised he still had the ability to think at all? Can you relate to that? If your children are going to learn important lessons that will really benefit them, they are going to have to learn them from you. What are you teaching kids about money?

Toddler Sleep Problems – How to Handle Them

Unfortunately, toddler sleep problems can be par for the course for many parents until their child reaches the age of 3. But it’s not necessarily a case of them being ‘naughty’. Instead, there are many different reasons why your child won’t settle at night…

Six Simple Steps To Manage Your Stubborn Child

Do you have trouble getting your child to listen? Find out ways to get the most stubborn child to comply in 6 simple steps.

Toddler Nutrition – Tips For Happy, Healthy Children

Toddler nutrition is an area which causes concern for many parents at one stage or another. But there are several tricks you can use to turn your picky eater into a happy meal-munching toddler.

Get Rid Of Your Anger With One Simple Tip

Do you feel like you are getting angry a lot with your kids? You don’t have to hide it anymore. Learn the way experts advise handling anger without hurting yourself or your kids.

Seven Ways to Become Involved in Your Children’s Education As a Single Parent

According to a study published in the American Educational Research Journal, parental involvement has been shown to influence children’s achievement in language and mathematics, their academic persistence, and their behavioral problems. As a single parent, parental involvement falls solely upon your shoulders. If doing this is a struggle for you, admit to it and ask a relative, a friend, your neighbor, or a pastor for help in keeping close tabs on how your children are doing and working with the school to implement an action plan for improvement.

What Are You Teaching Kids About Money?

Remember the old song by Paul Simon that says when he thinks back on all the “junk” he learned in school, he’s surprised he can still even think? How much did your school learning, prepare you for the rest of your life? You need to teach your children the things that are going to make a difference to them. That is why this article is about teaching kids about money.

How Children Learn Maths: 1 – Maths Is Fun

You are about to take the first step on a journey of discovery with your child. Although these series of articles are about how children learn maths they also focus on how young children learn most effectively. Yes, maths is fun when introduced utilising the most potent motivational force in the world… play. When combined with the most complete math model ever devised the results can be startling.

Top Ways to Get a Fussy Child to Eat

Many parents are intimidated by the prospect of introducing solid foods and table foods. Even though this is an exciting time, some children are very picky about what they will eat.

6 Simple Ways To Get Your Child Comfortable In New Situations

Does your child give you problems going to new places and trying new things? In this article we will discuss 6 ways to help your child overcome his fears.

Helping Your Child’s Development

As parents, do you know how to help with your child’s development? Find out about it here.

Ways To Protect Babies From Kidnapping

The stealing of someone’s baby is a crime that time and punishment has not caused to cease. Whenever we tune into the media and we hear that a little one was kidnapped, we may ask ourselves, “how can someone steal someone’s baby, fully knowing the pain, to say that least that this would cause?” However, no answer to this question will ever be justifiable.

Secrets On How To Handle Your Child’s Tantrums

As parents, do you know how to handle your child’s tantrums? Find out more about it here.

Preparing Your Child For Exams

As parents, do you know how to prepare your child for exams? Find out more about it now.

Ways To Keep Safe While Walking To And From School

Since the invention of vehicles, fewer children are walking to and from school, but with the push for our children to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, walking is greatly encouraged. Therefore, if our children are using this method to get to and from school, the following suggestions may be helpful in keeping them safe.

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