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Obstacles in Our Path – How We Overcome Challenges Along the Way

When we climb an actual mountain there may be obstacles in our way. These could be a rock, tree, bear, or snake blocking our path. Upon encountering these types of obstacles we would not lament, “How could this rock be doing this to me?

Are You An Authoritarian Parent?

For many parents, it’s an eye opener to realize how much bossing, dictating, lecturing, and controlling there is going on in the house. Are you an Authoritarian parent?

One Foot in Front of the Other – Making the Decision to Be Free

In order to climb mountains we must do more than decide to; we must act. We can decide to climb the mountain, but if we don’t take action, then we will stare endlessly up at it from the bottom while we wait for some miracle to provide us with courage and motivation. Yet that miracle is always available to us.

Parenting Tips for Coping With Teenagers

Help my teenager is driving me crazy! That’s the common cry from many parents of adolescents. Suddenly, without any warning at all, kids who were previously well behaved, doing well in school, and very sociable, become rude, start doing badly in school, and turn into social misfits. What happened?

The Company We Keep – Gaining Support and Inspiration to Support Us on Our Journey

A popular saying is “you are the company you keep.” Like most “sayings,” we should be careful. The people and objects in our surroundings may influence us, but we are not them.

Guides, Maps, Markers – How We Empowered to Find Our Way Through New Territory

When we are climbing a mountain, we can use some combination of guides, maps, and markers. We may feel that we need someone with a desired expertise to accompany and help us. We may feel that reference material through symbols, pictures, and words, is sufficient.

Technology and Skills – Utilizing Modern Tools for Our Own and Our Children’s Benefit

If we are to climb the mountain we should be aware of technology, developing the necessary skills – when appropriate – to utilize it in order expedite and make our journey more comfortable. To ignore technology is not wise, to depend on it, however, is foolish. If we ignore it we may miss something that could be helpful.

Gaining Knowledge – How We Use All of the Resources Available to Us to Scale the Heights

There are three kinds of knowledge available to us: through other’s experience, through our own experience, and through our innate intelligence and experience. When we climb mountains, we need to use all three. Through other’s experience, we gain knowledge that prepares us for the journey ahead by gaining greater awareness about it; insights and knowledge about the mountain will help us to make correct decisions when we encounter the mountain.

How Musical Instruments Help Children Understand Math

Musical instruments help young children develop their mathematical skills. Children who take music lessons develop a sense of rhythm and coordination. The child needs to use their mind as well as their hands to play the instrument.

Positive Parenting

If your kids are not well adjusted, and show feelings of resentment and alienation, then chances are you can benefit from some positive parenting tips. Positive parenting addresses a number of issues, including those that can affect children who misbehave because they do not feel connected to their family, or community.

If You Are Not Having Youth Discipline Issues, You Are Definitely In The Minority!

If you’re a parent struggling with youth discipline, you may not realize how much this ever changing, fast paced society can have an effect on your children. We’ll discuss this, and hopefully bring to light, the opportunity that you have because you are aware that there is a problem.

Are You a Slave to Your Children? 7 Tips to Get Your Children to Help Around the House

Do you find yourself doing everything for your children-housework, ferrying them to friends and activities-only to find when you ask them to do something as small as clearing the table, they come back at you with an attitude? Read this article to find out how to help your kids be more responsible-and to like it!

Is Your Family’s Kids Playhouse Furniture Really Totally Safe For Your Little Ones?

Decorating a kids playhouse can be an exciting, enjoyable time for you and your child. It affords you the opportunity to bond while trying to create a play space that will be his or her own little castle. One of the most fun aspects of decorating is selecting furniture.

One Of The Best Parenting Solutions – Consistency

Being consistent is one of the most important things we can do for our children. It is a crucial thing for them to learn because it is an underpinning of civilization.

Take a Kid Fishing Today

There are some things I believe all children should do. These include: learn to ride a bike, spend time playing with friends, see a cow, and go fishing. Do you know how many kids have never seen a cow or even know that milk comes from one? An amazingly high number!

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