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WE GOT A NEW CAR! // prepping for our camping trip + angry prairie dogs

WE GOT A NEW CAR!  //  prepping for our camping trip + angry prairie dogs

10 Creative Indoor Activities For Kids On Cold Winter Days Using Wooden Building Blocks

Snowy winter days are here. When it’s too cold or snowy to go out, try making some new fun with an old fashioned toy, classic wooden blocks. Wooden blocks are a great toy to spark the imagination and chase away those winter doldrums. Kids and moms will giggle, laugh and forget the blustery weather outside when trying 10 fun, innovative winter day activities with wooden building blocks.

Myth of the Single Mother

Yes, It’s true! Sex can sometimes lead to single parenthood but, it may not always mean the worst is ahead. It’s possible to turn bad circumstance into a positive, depends on how you look at it! Single mothers Excelling through extreme circumstance…

ADHD and Your Child

When children are diagnosed with ADHD it can be a struggle for them to understand why and what this condition is. Children may think that there’s something wrong with them, or that they are not as smart as the other kids. Having a doctor diagnose this issue in the earlier years can be critical to their development. As children get older, they get accustomed to their schedules and lifestyle, and being diagnosed with ADHD later in a child’s life can have a traumatizing effect.

10 Things To Do When Your Children Are Bored

If you have no clue what to do for the holidays this article is just for you. 1. The nearby library is full of books which can make you busy for a while.

What Benefits a Behavior Contract for Tweens and Teens Provide?

Behavior Contract provides the much required reinforcement for behavior modification of your teenager. It works by the relativity theory of reinforcement (or Premack’s Principle, as popular) which states that “more probable behaviors will reinforce less probable behaviors”. For an example, if your teen likes to surf internet on a computer then you can allow him/her to do so ONLY after s/he finishes her homework.

How Parenting Strategies Can Help Your Fearful Child

Do you know why you see fear, anxiety or victim mentality within your child? Read this positive parenting article for simple positive parenting solutions to help raise the self-confidence in your child.

Pros and Cons of Daycare Facilities

Deciding what type of childcare is best for your child when you are returning to work can be daunting. There are so many factors to consider, such as whether your working hours are compatible with the daycare, socialization of the child, if exposure to germs is a factor, how much you trust the caregivers, and if you have a backup plan if the caregiver is sick – just to name a few. Here are some pros and cons of daycare facilities.

Should Dogs Be Treated Like Children?

In the past decade, there has been a surging number of pet owners that have started to treat their pets more like children. They put them in doggy daycare, buy them clothing, take them into stores with them including restaurants, bring them to work in accessory bags, and the bad apples tend to disregard those with allergies and fear of dogs. This is not meant to be a story about judgement, but rather an open discussion of what is appropriate in this day and age since there seems to be strong opinions on both sides.

Mommy Confession

Mommy confession – I have faked a poop. If you are a stay at home mom, chances are you have too or at least thought about it.

3 Positive Parenting Tips to Help Guide Your Child or Teenager to Choose to Go to School

It can be frustrating encouraging your child to do things, which are important for you that they do, like go to school. This positive parenting article offers 3 parenting tips to help you guide your child to choose school.

Can Kids Learn CPR?

What age are kids old enough to learn to call 911? What about learning CPR? Or actually doing CPR? What other first aid can they learn? Here’s a quick overview with a couple of case reports.

Ten Baby Tips Parents Should Break

With all the baby tips you get from various sources, how will you know which ones are true and fictitious? Here is a guide to help you out.

Stay At Home Mom Adventures: I’m Right Here

As our children grow, it’s our job to nurture and teach them, and then let go. But, I don’t ever think that the string should get cut completely. It just gets a little longer. Here’s some parenting advice about how to handle letting go and standing back.

Stay At Home Mom Adventures: Awkward Conversations

Awkward conversations with your kids can start when they are as young as two! Here’s a cute story about my two year old and some advice to help you with your awkward situation.

Setting Boundaries With Your Difficult Adult Child Who Has A Mental Illness

Are you wondering how to set boundaries with your difficult adult child who has a mental illness? It is hard to have adult children that make poor choices that cause problems in their lives and in their parents’ lives; it is even more difficult to have adult children who have mental illnesses that contribute to those choices. As a result, you may be inclined to “help” too much. Here are four questions to answer that will enable you to figure out what your boundaries should be.

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