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WE SPENT ALL DAY OUTDOORS! // visiting with family, hiking + camping

WE SPENT ALL DAY OUTDOORS!  //  visiting with family, hiking + camping

Teaching Children Charity

Teaching children about giving back to the community and reaching out to their fellow man is an important part of becoming a compassionate and well-rounded member of society. There are several things you can do to demonstrate charity to your children and there are plenty of ways that your child can get involved. Make charity a normal part of your lives and give your child something that they can use for the rest of their lives, the spirit of giving.

Show Kids How To Get The Best From Their Education!

Public education is a wonderful opportunity for kids to stretch, grow and shine; but, you need to make sure that your kids are getting the most from their formal education and are learning the right skills and lessons that will help them succeed later in life. Here are some great tips for teaching your kids to make their public education work for them.

Digital Books – Good or Bad?

The title to this article is an interesting one. Many parents will develop a bond with their child by cuddling up in the evenings and reading a traditional book together. This is hugely important, not just to help your child develop their reading skills, but also so you can build a relationship that no-one will ever be able to break.

Signs of Jealousy In Children: How to React As a Parent

What do you do when one of your children begins to act out in jealousy towards their siblings? This often happens with older siblings who have a little brother or sister that is in the toddler age.

Enriching The Mind Of A Curious Child

“What good questions did you ask today?” was Albert Einstein’s mother Pauline’s greeting to his genius son as soon as he gets home. This one question may not have been the lone reason that shaped the genius that he was but there is a great possibility that it contributed a lot.

Vision Boards: What’s In It For Kids?

One of parents’ favorite ways to know what future inclinations their kids have is by asking them this proverbial question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”   Even at a very young age, we already have a vision of what we want to be – from potential superstardom to the obscure. Some of us have stuck it out and became what we so desired, but most have deviated to a different path; better or not.

5 Facts About Head Lice

After the initial shock of learning that your child has head lice, you have many questions. Getting the facts are the first step towards an effective treatment.

How To Balance Being A Mom And Working From Home

Balancing home and work from home can get stressful at times. I have the remedy for a peaceful home.

Average Age for Kids to Ride a Bike – Age to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike

It is an iconic rite of passage for a kid to ride a bike. Unfortunately, not many kids can learn on their own and they need an adult’s help.

How to Deal With Adult Children Who Have Never Moved Away From Home

Because the trend is so visible, discussions about adult children living at home often end up focusing on boomerang kids – adult kids who have moved away from their parents’ home and then moved back (or “boomeranged”), often after college, the loss of a job, or the end of a marriage or live-in relationship. But there’s another group of adults living with their parents, of course – those who never left. Maybe they went to a local college or lived at home while going through an apprenticeship or training program.

Where Extreme Precaution Ends, Real Parenting Begins

“I don’t even let my kid get bitten by a mosquito” is a famous amphibology by parents in this part of the world. It simply means that the parents protect their kid so much; way beyond the basic of parenthood.

Modified Gangnam Style Parenting

Who would’ve thought that the sleazy song that millions are foolishly dancing to has a deep and logical meaning fit for parenting? No, not What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I’m talking about Gangnam Style!

Full Protection With the Britax Frontier

Read about the Britax Frontier 85. Find out why he is one of the top booster car seats available.

Tough Love

I remember watching movies and television shows when I was a child, and whenever the parent had to spank or discipline their child they would say, “This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.” As a child, I never understood this… I thought, yeah right, the spanking I’m getting will hurt you!?!

Children and Their Emotions

My heart just about broke this morning when I saw my 4 year-old daughter’s face as she sat on her bed, slowly getting herself dressed. Her father left on a last minute trip and I know her sadness stems from the fact that he isn’t here.

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