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Weather in Spanish | Spanish Learning for Kids

Weather in Spanish | Spanish Learning for Kids

Every Wandering Ant – Nature Enriches a Child’s Learning

Children are innately curious about nature. Every inch of earth, every drop of rain, every wandering ant, every blooming bud attracts their attention. Encouraging connections between young children and nature can be a source of life-long pleasure and learning.

Learning Therapy For ADD Children

The learning therapy for ADD children involves teaching the child to learn at a way that is comfortable for them. ADD children can learn very well, they just have a different process.

How to Treat Children With ADHD

Do not waste your money on herbal supplements that offer a magic cure. ADHD is a permanent condition. But it is far from disabling.

There’s No Place Like Home – Your Child’s Need For Organization

Young children find comfort in an organized, consistent environment. They will follow this desire naturally and develop good organizational skills if offered the tools and opportunity to develop these habits at an early age. Take advantage of the natural tendency to appreciate order in your child’s youngest years-you may not see that tendency surface again for a long time!

Paying the Penalty of Love

Parent are gift of God and we must care for them in old age. We must never forget that one day we will be in their place and no one wishes to end his life in loneliness in old age home.

Parental Alienation Syndrome – What is It?

A look at the basic concepts of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) the effects of the alienated parent and the syndrome (effects on the child) Even today many professionals refuse to accept the existence of PAS and the long term effects on the child. High conflict divorce can be very aggressive and children often find themselves as the meat in the sandwich. There is a way through PAS and that is with education and therapy for both the parent and the child.

ADHD and Ritalin – Pros and Cons

Are you having trouble deciding on whether to put your child on medication for ADHD? Read more here about the positive and negative effects of Ritalin.

Why Are Straw Cups a Better Choice Than Sippy Cups?

Straw cups are a better choice for children than sippy cups. Sippy cups can promote tooth decay and can interfere with a child’s articulation skills. Experts agree that straw cups do not have the disadvantages that sippy cups have.

Tears of a Parent – When a Child Turns Its Back on You!

Raising a child is not an easy task, and many parents have asked themselves many times over if they are doing a great job. Most parents are full of doubts and wonder if they are making the right decisions, while others think they are in complete control. It really does not matter to which group of parents one belongs, as in the end, only future can tell what will happen and what path a child will choose in life. This article tells the story of a mother who raised her son the best she could, yet in the end…

Increasing Incidences of Racist Bullying

Racism is children is another form of bullying known as racist bullying. This is very common and occurs when someone is treated unfairly, picked on and harassed by other children because of their race, colour, traditions or beliefs.

Only 30 Minutes a Day to Raise a Genius

If daily reading begins in infancy, by the time the child is 5 years old, he or she has been fed roughly 900 hours of brain food! Reduce that experience to just 30 minutes a week and the child’s hungry mind loses 770 hours of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and stories. A kindergarten student who has not been read to could enter school with less than 60 hours of literacy nutrition.

Teenagers Healthy Diet – Help to Weight Loss For Teenage Girls and Boys

Teenagers healthy diet also means well-balanced diet. Read how you can integrate a girls guide to eating healthy into your girl’s daily living, what are the negative health consequences to your seriously overweight teenager or how to choose the sensitive help to weight loss for teenage girls and boys.

4 Specific Behavior Management Concepts For Kids

How many times have you said “why didn’t these kids come with a parenting manual?” Good news! There is a manual and in it are wonderful blueprints (or concepts) on how to parent effectively.

Top 5 Tips For Organizing With Kids

As any parent knows, adding a child to the family can quickly and drastically alter the environment of any home. From infants to teens, kids come with a lot of “stuff.” What are you supposed to do with it all? Here are a few simple tips to help you teach your children how to get organized and stay that way.

Housekeeping is Not R-18!

Kids are adorable little creatures. We even refer to them as cute little angels inside the house. Yet as they grow up, we sometimes protect them from the harsh realities of life such as housekeeping and doing simple chores. For a lot of parents, their cute little angels should not even smell the dust in the house!