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Single Parent Child Care Assistance – What Are Your Options?

One of the needs for a single-parent family is day care to look after the children while the parent is earning a living. Unfortunately day care is very expensive and may cost as much per day as the parent earns or more. One solution is to turn to relatives to look after the children.

Toys for Children With Cerebral Palsy

Playing helps enhance both the mental and physical well being of kids with disabilities including cerebral palsy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy. Here are tips for choosing toys well suited for children with those disabilities. Many main stream toys work well for special needs children to stimulate their development.

Finding Great Toys for Great Kids

When shopping for kids with special needs, parents should remember to purchase toys. Whether buying a toy for a holiday or birthday gift, or as a special treat, toys are therapeutic for children with special needs and disabilities. Here are tips for selecting toys for kids with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and autism.

Healthy Family Communication

A good flow of communication is one of the building blocks of healthy relationships with people we care about. This is especially true of family. When families are able to talk openly and honestly with each other, they both parents and children are able to build mutual respect and trust between each other. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs, so cooperating through communication can help each person feel valued and heard and strengthen the spirit of family cooperation. Here are some helpful things to keep in mind when building your family’s conversations and connections:

5 Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler

Almost every parent has heard of the “terrible twos” and the whole thought of it can be a little overwhelming. Once a child hits their toddler years, many parents just do not know how to discipline them. The following are 5 tips for disciplining your toddler:

Customized Discipline Is What Your Child Really Needs

Disciplining a child is really complicated. It’s easier when you fit your discipline into your child’s four basic developmental needs. Read Unruh’s tried and tested recommendations.

Temper-Tantrums: 3 Big Mistakes Parents Make When Temper-Tantrums Strike

You are 10 minutes late already and have to stop at the store because you forgot it’s your turn to bring the snacks. With toddler in tow, you grab the quickest things you can and race for the check-out lane. You are are in the home stretch until…your toddler drops himself to the floor and breaks into a full-bodied tantrum for all to see and hear. Don’t make these mistakes:

Just Do It: Giving the Gift of Imagination Back to Today’s Children

We’ve created a culture where kids, and adults for that matter, can’t just play. With all the pressure to be able to “compete”, we’re pushing our kids and ourselves to the breaking point. If we want our children to be able to think as well as perform, to create as well as mimic, they need time to play without structure, without pressure. They need time to be creative.

Feed Your Baby At Your Family’s Table

What do I feed my baby? Babies and children are sometimes viewed as creatures from another world, when it comes to food. They usually get “special” food, like jars of baby food, chicken nuggets and practically nutrient-free grilled cheese sandwiches. Why do we deprive our next generation of quality food, when they are the ones that are still growing and needing more nutrients than we do?

Vegetable Smoothie Party For Kids

Almost every parent wants to feed their kids more vegetables. They try all kinds of creative deception techniques, by hiding carrots in mac and cheese and by putting lettuce on a lunch sandwich. None of it works – the veggies get discovered and put aside! What do kids like best? Fun, game and parties! Learn how to make vegetables fun, by playing a vegetable smoothie game at a kid’s party.

How Do You Deal With An Angry Child?

From a parent’s perspective, anger signals the deepest level of unhappiness. Knowing our children are unhappy is not comfortable to us.

How to Deal With a Problem Child – Tips for Parents

We’ve all heard the term “problem child”, but what exactly is it? A problem child is someone who is out of control. If you are struggling with a kid who is obnoxious, disrespectful or abusive towards you then you definitely have a problem in your hands.

Should Parents Reward For Good Grades?

In order to motivate their children to succeed in school, many parents promise a reward for good grades. Others feel good grades are expected and no reward is necessary.

Wholesale Baby Gear for Mom and Dad

For those with a new bundle of joy in their families, there are many things that you will need that you may never have even thought of. Babies require many items in order to survive and get around in the world that we live in. In addition to cute clothes, toys, and accessories, there are many other products that babies need in order to get through day-to-day life in our generally hectic lives.

Fairy Tales and Children

Studies have revealed reading to a child can create a better bond and increase their vocabulary. For practical reasons, it can be beneficial for a child to listen to stories, read together, and create family memories. Connecting and reading can become a valuable bonding and learning moment for a growing child.

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