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When The Covert Narcissist Flying Monkey Gets It Story Time

When The Covert Narcissist Flying Monkey Gets It Story Time

The Lesson Most Parents Forget to Teach Their Child

Every day between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm in busy shopping centers all over the country, young children are separated from their parents. Usually its because the child has seen something interesting and decided to go and take a closer look or they have simply gotten separated in a crowded area. If you have ever been unlucky enough to encounter this problem while you’ve been out and about.

ADHD – Ten Brain-Based Learning Strategies You Can Use When Kids Go Off Their Meds

Check out strategies to help hyperactive kids as parents take their kids off stimulant drugs used to control ADD and ADHD. A likely scenario given the recent publicity about heart-related problems linked to Ritalin.

Hurt Feels Like a Hard Cold Rock – 7 Practical Hints For Helping Kids Through Difficult Times

The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is not true-words do hurt-oftentimes for much longer than it takes a physical wound to heal. In helping children with bullies and other unkind happenings, I’ve successfully used a little book called, The Hurt to help them understand how important it is to share your feelings with someone who cares.

ADHD Parenting Tip – Bad Behavior Can Be a Cry For Help Even If Your Child Has Been Diagnosed ADHD

Are you stuck trying to figure out if your child’s behavior are ADHD or if it’s something else? Do you wonder if everyone has it wrong? After reading this article, you’ll know why often times, even if it is ADHD, there is always something else going on.

Teenager Behavioral Problems – There is Hope!

Do you get angry very easily and yell at your teenager? If upon examination you find that the relationship with your teenager is not an open and honest one. Communication is what it is going to take to deal with teenage behavioral problems.

Toilet Training For Autism

Parents with children facing autism need to gather so much courage and patience. This way, the parents will be able to take such children through the stages of toilet training without being harsh or insensitive to the little ones.

Toys That Can Improve Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Every parent wants their child to be successful. Right out of the womb (and probably way before then) parents spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out an angle that can give their child an edge in life, or at the very least help them develop into a strong, healthy child. Testing and developing a child’s fine motor skills is highly important in knowing just where your child stands in terms of development, and it quickly points out their physical strengths and weaknesses.

Tips on How You Can Get Your Kids Working on Printable Worksheets

This article offers some ideas and practical tips on how you can get your child working on printable worksheets, whether you are homeschooling or simply making sure that your child does, and understands, any homework they may have been given. It is a lot easier to teach your child or to help them with school homework if they have had experience of learning in the home.

Is Parenting Well Really Impossible? Why Our Culture’s Negativity is All Wrong

Scanning women’s magazines and books, it seems that every article has to do with all the difficulties women face being a mom. And instead of the theme, “sometimes it’s hard to be a mom, but you can do it!”, we’re now stopping the sentence after “it’s hard.” But is parenting really that difficult? It is, if you’re focused on the wrong thing. Learn how to stop trying to do everything and concentrate on just being there for your kids!

Are You Thinking of Having a Child?

Things to think about before becoming a parent. Becoming a parent requires some thought.

How to Get Free Baby Sitting For Ten Years

Free baby sitting for ten years. That adds up over the course of time. We did this by creating a baby-sitting coop. We started off with two other families when everyone just had one kid. The plan was you watch all three kids on one night and then you get two nights to yourselves.

Teaching Your Children About Santa

How to decide on teaching your child about Santa. Is telling your child about Santa good or bad?


Why children need father figures in their lives. All children deserve to have both parents in the picture.

20 Parenting Ideas to Be a Better Parent

During the end of year holidays I like to kick back and put my feet up. I also like to read widely to get some inspiration to help me focus in the coming year. Here are two quotes I read during my break that really resonated with me: “If you want better children and a better society then you need better parents.” Maurice Balson. “Parenting is probably the most important public health issue facing our society.” Professor Graham Vimpani.

Counting Activities Around Your Household

Counting is the fundamental concept in math and children are often eager to learn this vital activity. Educational studies have confirmed the fact that when young children grasp the idea of counting, they are quicker to absorb and develop other math skills later in school.