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Why Doesn’t My Child Want Comfort?

Why Doesn't My Child Want Comfort?

Teach Your Children to Assume Responsibility For Their Actions

An important part of being a responsible adult is assuming responsibility for your actions, no matter what they may be. The same is true for children. However, often children blame others, or avoid responsibility for their own actions. Why could this be? It’s because they have probably received negative reactions when they admitted responsibility for a mistake.

7 Tips to Accelerate Your Child’s Learning So They Can and Will Achieve Their Best Potential

Do YOU want your kids to achieve more? To discover how they can learn so learning is easier? To find out how they can make time go faster while they are in school? To take and make effective note taking?

How to Make Dining With Kids in a Restaurant Easy

Dining with kids who haven’t yet grasped the concept of eating out can be wildly frustrating and stressful. You can actually find yourself in a terrible situation by not planning beforehand and reacting negatively to people around you who don’t appreciate your screaming toddler ruining their meal. But here’s help!

Traveling Woes – Are You Guilty?

Using cough syrup to get your toddler to settle down while on the airplane as you know, is really not a good practice. Over the past two years, 1,500 babies and toddlers have wound up in emergency rooms after having a bad reaction to cold medicines, according to the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. If you are a parent guilty of it, hopefully this will strike a cord, and understand the dangers you are exposing your child to.

Set Goals to Increase Child and Personal Safety

How can goals help us increase ours and our child’s safety? Most of us think of goals as something that we are shooting for, hoping to achieve. We know that goals may be short term or long term in nature, but we don’t often think of them as something that will assist us in the here and now. Sadly, as we will see, that may be more a function of our not using goals to our best advantage.

Help Improve Your Child’s Concentration – How to Achieve Goals

Teach your children goal-planning skills that will help them achieve their goals without giving up and feeling overwhelmed. These simple yet effective techniques will help children concentrate more effectively and use that energy toward being successful.

Life Skills – The Key to Raising Happy, Successful Children

Raising children may be one of the most difficult jobs in the world, until now, we have no real training for it. Now, there are some skills that have been proven to make a dramatic difference in your child’s life.

What is the Worst Thing You Can Do As a Parent?

Yelling is a very important and great thing…if there is a fire or if you need help. Which, by the way, if you do need help you should yell “fire” and not “help”. It has been shown people run towards a person yelling “fire” and away from the person yelling “help”.

Which Would You Choose For Your Child – IQ Or Persistence?

Imagine at the birth of your child you are given a choice between bestowing ‘great intelligence’ or ‘great persistence’ on your baby. Which would you choose? One of them will make a profound difference – it will impact heavily on your child’s success at school, their future levels of achievement levels and eventually income levels as an adult. Read the following article to find out which one it is and how it can give your child a significant leg-up for future success.

Playing Together (Toys For Parents to Play With Children, Puppets, Etc)

These days, parents are finding it more and more difficult to find time to spend with their children. More and more families are finding that they need both parents working to make ends meet, and family time has to take second priority. This puts a lot of imperative on making sure that, what free time you do have to spend with your children, you’d better not waste it. It’s a good idea to stock up on some toys, games and other items that allow you to play with your children. If you can find common interests between yourself and your kids, that can be a big boost to spending more family time together.

Tips For Communicating More Deeply With Your Teen

This article encourage parents to deepen the conversations they have with their teens. Tips are presented to help them not only deepen but transform their relationships with their teens.

TV and Your Toddler

Children love television. Bright colors and constant action draw them in and can keep them occupied for hours. But is it good for your toddler to be watching television? And if so, how much is acceptable?

Help Your Children Happily Turn Off the TV

From time to time I get this question, ” How do I get my kids off the TV without a big fight?” or “My husband likes to watch things that are inappropriate on TV and lets the kids watch it too. What can I do?”

Should You Buy a Stop Bedwetting Alarm?

Buying a stop bedwetting alarm is one thing that many parents try in an attempt to fix their child’s bed wetting problem. But do you really need one? In this brief article, I’ll be discussing some alternatives to a stop bedwetting alarm that work extremely well and hopefully by the time you’re finished reading you’ll have some ideas that you can begin using right away to stop bed wetting for good.

What Can Cause Bedwetting?

If you’re wondering what can cause bedwetting, there are many answers to this question. Wetting the bed can be caused by a variety of factors, some as deep as psychological and medical conditions — and others as simple as drinking too many fluids before bedtime.