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Why Is The Narcissist Frustrated With You

Why Is The Narcissist Frustrated With You

Parenting Good Behavior – How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem – 5 Secret Tips

Learn how to influence your child’s behavior without them knowing it. Developing children with high self-esteem and confidence requires these 5 secrets that show you how help them win at life. Give them the edge they need to succeed and they will have the skills needed to achieve their dreams.

How to Encourage Children to Read

In our knowledge based world, the ability to read competently is important. Studies have shown that if children are read to by their parents and have a book-rich environment, their reading standards improve. Parents, as the child’s first teacher, can do much to encourage their children to read from an early age and statistics show that those who come from an environment where books are plentiful. valued and frequently used and where they are read to and encouraged, tend to fare better than those not so fortunate.

Parenting Thoughts For the New Year – Changing “I Should” to “I Could”

New Year’s Resolution Lists can lead to stress and a feeling of failure. Shift to a mindset of choice by considering the things you could do with your children instead of the things you should do.

From Crisis Parenting to Nurtured Heart Parenting

Parenting an intense, challenging child is an energy draining experience. Often parents find themselves in a disempowered position because of the many challenges thrust upon them. When the challenges seemingly become impossible to overcome, parents turn to outdated conventional coping techniques for dealing with their difficult child. The Nurtured Heart Approach was created by psychologist Howard Glasser, who found that typical parenting methods did not work because they rewarded negativity and consequently initiated failure. With the Nurtured Heart Approach, you and your child will achieve wonderful new levels of success and most important, your child will tap into their inner strengths.

Protecting Our Children With Back to School Safety and Home Security

Children across the nation are on their way back into the classroom which means a change in our family dynamics including increased concern by parents for our children as they leave our homes to make their way to school or come home to an empty house. This time each year does not need to be filled with parental anxiety. There are several things that we can do as parents to ensure the safety of our children.

ADHD Parenting Tip – 7 Non-Medication Approaches For Treating Children With ADHD

ADHD experts tells us that the most effective method of treatment is a combination of medication and behavior therapy. Yet despite these recommendations, I meet an awful lot of parents who have no interest in using medication to treat their son or daughter’s condition.

The Burden We Share As Parents

In this world there is no other passion or concern with which we naturally occupy our hearts… Whether we are married, single parents, or divorced, our lives are consumed with our children. Our desire for their good overshadows everything else that we find ourselves doing in this journey called life.

The Joys Of Parenting – Having A Girl’s First Period Talk

When should I start talking to my daughter about her first period? How much information should I provide my preschooler about the conception, growth, and birth of a new sibling? How come my son thinks he knows so much about the “birds and the bees” and he is only eight years old?

Cultivating Good Study Habits in Your Child

Good study skills will help your child succeed. Learn how you can teach your child good study habits.

5 Ideas to Practically Save For Your Kids

Savings for a kid is a major “Need” for parents. Early savings helps them to get enough finance for the future requirements of their kid for higher study, marriage etc. Here are 5 well researched practical tips for parents to save money for kid as well as build a savings habit to their kid.

How to Teach Your Kids to Pack For a Trip

Your child can help you prepare for your family trip. Teach them how to pack and you will have less worry about all the things you should bring.

Productive Bonding Experiences With Your Children

Make each time you spend with your child memorable. Plan a great activity. You and your child will surely have something to look forward to each week.

How to Teach Your Kids to Organize Their Things

Teach your child to organize his things early on. This is good for his well-being. It will make your life easier as well.

ADHD Parenting Tip – Two Subtle Yet Critical Differences Between Giftedness and ADHD

Why is that ADHD has gained such public attention, and yet there is very little talk about gifted children? Did you know that they are actually rather quite similar? This article will help clarify two very important, yet subtle differences between giftedness and ADHD.

Parenting Tips – Finding What Works For You and Your Child

There are so many parenting resources available offering a myriad of opinions and theories, quick fix solutions and fail-proof strategies; it’s no wonder we are a generation of parents who feel confused and overwhelmed by the task of raising children. This article offers tips for how to dig through all that parenting advice and wisdom and find what works for you and your child.