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Why The Covert Narcissist Does Not Understand You

Why The Covert Narcissist Does Not Understand You

What to Do When Your Child Or Teen is Really Angry

Sometimes as parents we can forget how challenging growing up is. One of the greatest difficulties that our tots and teens face is getting a grip on their emotions. When things don’t go their own way (like many adults) our children can be swamped in negative emotions. Here are some ways to deal with children’s strong emotions whilst controlling our own reactions. Also contains a link to a related video and audio.

A Few Thoughts on Childhood Vaccines and Autism

Over the course of the past decade a debate has unfolded regarding an alleged connection between autism and vaccinations. This in turn has led many parents to consider withholding or in some cases actually withholding vaccinations from their children. So what do both sides have to say and is there any validity to the points that they present?

6 Ways to Strengthen the Relationship With Your Child

If we only knew now what we knew then! This article is for young parents or parents looking for additional information and resources to have a better relationship with your children. It was written by a parent who looks back on his 40 years of parenting.

International Adoption – UNICEF’s and Other Critics’ War Against International Adoption

UNICEF has been waging war against international adoption for many years contrary to popular understanding. It’s a war with results that fall far short of real time solutions to the spoils of its victories. UNICEF’s premise that parents in underdeveloped countries should be provided the means to keep their children is not arguable. Neither is UNICEF’s stance that international adoption should only be a last resort.

ADHD Parenting Tip – ADHD is Like a Gift That Comes With Batteries Not Included

I often hear this from parents whenever it is suggested that ADHD is a gift. I’ve even heard one parent suggest that he wanted his money back after opening the gift only to find it empty.

Teach Your Child to Understand and Follow Directions – Steps to Help

It’s important for you to notice what and how well your child understands what is said to him versus how well he picks up clues from situations. Why is it important? If your child does not understand language, he isn’t going to use language well for his age. This article provides suggestions for a parent to use to help a child understand and follow directions. See the helpful steps in hierarchy form.

What Can Parents Do to Ensure a Positive School Experience For Their Children?

The first day of school is a milestone in a child’s (and a parent’s) life. New clothes, a new backpack filled with fresh paper and pencils. That first day is exciting for the whole family. Will the child be happy? Will they make good friends? Will they like their teacher? So many questions, so many unknowns. The truth is, most parents feel they have little or no control over their child’s school experience. They stand at the curb, waving to their child, fervently praying everything will go well. So, what can parents do to ensure a positive school experience?

Apraxia of Speech – Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions

The diagnostic term Apraxia of Speech is used to identify a very significant and challenging motor programming speech disorder experienced by many children who have severe to profound articulation difficulties. It is known by several different names and is associated with a certain set of characteristics. Children who have apraxia of speech show us how complex the speech process is. They experience some of the toughest challenges in gaining communication skills. There is hope through intervention.

Parents Helping Children Talk – Three R’s to Consider, Or, Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Slowing down the pace of daily life can really help a child benefit from adult interaction, especially in speech-language development. Children benefit from predictable daily routines and from repetition of language and interactions. Take a look at these 3 Rs that affect children’s learning and development–before they have to learn the other 3 Rs at school.

How to Get Your Child to Listen

Parents of toddlers often wonder how to get their child to listen. I’d like to offer a few ideas to get you started. The idea is to first build rapport with your child, and then to ask for something. Never ask for anything without first entering their world.

Parenting at School – Creating a Plan to Prevent Misbehavior Issues

How many parents get notes from school about their child’s misbehavior? Lots, I’d bet. The notes typically describe the kid’s misbehavior and (unfortunately) leave it up to the parent to do something. What can you do when you’re out-of-sight and out-of-mind?

How to Nurture Creativity in Your Kids

As parents, we all enjoy seeing our kids’ creativity. Sometimes, kids feel a little shy about expressing their creativity, or they don’t know where to start. . Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to encourage creativity in your children.

Yelling at Toddlers is an Ineffective Parenting Strategy

Through many years of experience and observation, I can tell you with certainty that yelling at toddlers is simply not effective. In fact, it is counter productive. In this article, I describe why along with some ideas of what to do instead.

Why Does Baby Vomit Milk and How to Solve the Problem?

Currently, many fresh parents find their babies vomit milk, but they do not know why and have no effective methods to avoid it. After seen a breastfeeding by fresh mother, I found out the crux of baby vomiting milk, which was caused by the improper breast-feeding way. I pointed out that during the whole feeding process, there are at least 3 points which do not meet the requirements: First, mother should change baby diaper first and then feed the baby.

Lying Children and What to Do About It

We all do it now and again, tell those little “white” lies once in a while when put on the spot about someone’s new outfit or why we were late for work. As grown ups, we know that there are times when lying is a necessary, though not always appealing, choice. But when it comes to lying children, the behavior often sets alarm bells ringing in a parent’s head.