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Your Changing Body: 6 Stages Of Pregnancy

Your Changing Body: 6 Stages Of Pregnancy

Start Young – Get Your Kids Organized

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids to be neat and organized. Kids as young as two can be taught to put their toys away. By starting young and having expectations you can set your kids on the path to being organized. A lesson they can use throughout their entire lives.

How Should You Approach Parenting Teenagers? Ideas, Tips and Tricks for Dealing With Teenagers

Regardless of how you approach it parenting teenagers is no small feat. Chaotic doesn’t really describe this time period well enough for parents and teens alike. Here in this article we will discuss ways to keep the relationship between parent and child positive.

3 Ways For Kids To Earn Money – Billionaires Start Learning When Young

It is actually very important to teach kids to learn how to earn money when they are young. Not only will they realize that they should not simply spend money on something useless, they would be learning the most important skill which will benefit them for the entire life. As a matter of fact, parents should shoulder the responsibility of educating their children to be money smart as well as how to be young entrepreneurs. If you have vehement interests on this subject, keep reading to uncover the 3 amazing money-making ideas for your kids.

Tips for Parents to Have a Successful Parent Teacher Conference

Usually twice a year, schools host a parent-teacher conferences night so that parents/guardians can learn about how their children are progressing at school. For some families, this is the only time in a school year that the parents/guardians and teachers even speak to one another.

One Simple Way To Help You Raise A Responsible Child

Do you wonder if your child will ever be responsible? Here is one easy way we can foster responsibility in our child.

Kinds of Divorce

Most divorce cases go through the same process and end result. This agreeable ending of a marriage find satisfactory to both parties. Still, there are optional paths for a couple to choose a certain result. Before hiring a lawyer and filing a divorce case, both should know the various approaches to by-end divorce implemented by a law professional.

Understand And Improve Your Child’s Most Difficult Behavior

Do you label your children? Are they stubborn or irresponsible? Discover ways appreciate your child’s worst traits and learn ways to improve their behavior.

Teach Your Child To Be Brave In Two Easy Steps

There are many children who are fearful of even the simplest things. In this article we will discuss two ways to get your child to show courage.

Two Easy Ways To Get Your Children To Take Initiative

Does your child wait for you to tell them to take out the garbage, help out and do their homework. In this article we will discuss two easy ways for your child to take the initiative.

Comparing Divorce to Legal Separation

Contrasting divorce, a legal separation does not actually terminate marriage. During this, a court order has been issued to signify every right and responsibility of a spouse during separation. You are still married though you two live separately.

Effects of Divorce

Everyone knows that marital separation and divorce generate a high level of emotional pain for both the spouses and their children. However, there is no proof whatsoever on which is less damaging: The family that still live together, although their relationship has become mutually and emotionally damaging for the parents; or the spouses separating and later divorcing. They realize what will be their family’s future in a long-term status of marriage. This will fall on either one of the three categories:

The Difference Between IQ and Executive Functioning

What did I learn about FASD that has made the biggest difference in my care giving style? The difference between IQ and executive functioning. Once you learn this lesson you will be light years ahead, I’m sure of it.

Helping Teens Become Problem-Solvers

Do you find yourself resisting the urge to say to your teen, “Been there, done that. Let me show you how it’s done?” If you fix it for them, they won’t have the ability to come up with their own solutions, and will be dependent upon you longer than you’d like. Here are are some tips for how and when to step back and let them handle it themselves.

What Are ADHD Wilderness Programs for Teens?

One good option that parents could look into is sending their children to wilderness programs for teens. Studies show that teens with ADHD respond better to treatment and are noticeably calmer in a greener environment. ADHD wilderness programs could just be the right thing to help them through the summer and teach them new coping mechanisms that will help them during the coming school year.

A Primer on What Troubled Teen Wilderness Therapy Programs Are

It would be a comfort for parents struggling with their teens’ dangerous addictions that these troubled teen wilderness therapy programs have a high success rate in helping participants turn their lives around. As such, more parents are turning to these programs to help them out with their struggling teens.

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